Keith George


Everyone loves a winner. fact is less than 2% of people will make money by backing Horses.


Hello My name is Keith George,I have been involved in the racing game since 1986 and have made a fantastic income and lived a great Lifestyle by backing Horses.


I have built up a wealth of contacts up and down the country  also working with a few people well connected within the Horse Racing Industry to bring you this unique service.

I am a commissions Agent, which to give you a brief explanation  of my job is to place money on behalf of a number of top gambling stables.Owners,Connections and major European Gamblers.

I am also a part owner of 8 horses in Training and will be looking to land some massive Gambles during 2018 with these 

For this I get to be on the inside,take a commission from any winnings Including placing my own wagers.Also our Unique Layback system Is making huge risk free profits 








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