Plan A Monthly Service Gold

Info by Email Evening before or by 10am and late Info from track and trading room by SMS 

All our Information of Gambles and planned touches will be sent by SMS either the evening before if prices are up or by 10am the next day 

You will get the same prices as connections. This is like having an edge In the stock market. You will also receive late Info for only £99 per month


Plan B Monthly Service Gold plus Social media bets Trading Info 

As plan A but with Top Info from Bookmakers Traders ,Gallop Reports.Info from Top Insider who handles winning accounts making £150k per year plus.The Sandman Bets (AW specialist,The Judge bets full time pro.All Info sent through Whatts App £150 per month 



Plan C Pay as you Win

This is for those of you who have the occasional bet. You will agree to put either £10 Each Way or £20 win which ever we suggest on our behalf.

Then you send the winnings minus the original stake. Because we only need serious reliable people a £20 deposit will be required which will be deducted out of winnings sent to us


Do you want to make your racing pay?


If you really want to make some extra cash from Horse racing join me, I am only looking for 150 discreet individuals. I am offering 3 types of service to suit all people’s lifestyles, you will be receiving the best information available at the best possible prices. 

Info direct from stables.

Info direct from Trading room

Various Information

Info direct from the track.

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